A Christmas Carol

Hangar Theatre Company
September 11-September 25, Hangar Theatre
Auditions Dates/Times: September 11th and September 25th, 10-6PM Lunch Break 1-2 .For apt, contact: hangar.casting@hangartheatre.org Actors will read from sides given when the appointment is confirmed (please indicate the role for which you'd like to read). A range of British accents, from Cockney to Scottish to RP are required. All children will be double-cast. First Rehearsal: November 14th, First Preview: December 5th, Closing:December 24th, Man #1 - Scrooge Male, mid 50s to early 70s. A miserly, miserable wretch of a man. As the play progresses, he transforms into the kind, generous man he was before greed consumed his heart. Man #2 Cratchit et al (Ebenezer, Albert, Light Keeper) Male, mid 20s to mid 30s. The moral center of the play, Cratchit is proof that in spite of poverty and enormous hardship, goodness and happiness are still possible. Man #3 Fred et al (Dick, Father) Male, early 30s to early 40s. Upper-middle class and the portrait of gaiety, Fred is the heart and warmth of the play. A bon vivant. Man #4 Marley et al (Fezziwig, School Master, Sterling, Joe, Light Keeper)Male, mid 50s to early 70s. Tortured and in despair, the ghost of Marley appears to warn Scrooge of the fate that will befall him if he does not change his ways. Gothic and ironic. Man #5: Mr. Price et al (Worker, Warehouse Guest, Belle's Husband, Topper, Kozlowski, Brother of Charity) Male, late 30s to early 50s. Mr. Price is one half of the sardonic Price/Sterling pair, a pair of bankers who keep a running commentary on the play as it progresses. This is a track for a character actor capable of great transformation. Woman #1 Mrs. Fezziwig et al (Chestnut Seller, Innkeeper's Wife, Harriette, Mrs. Dilber) Female, early 40s to late 60s. Mrs. Fezziwig is the heart of the winter festivities the she and her husband throw every year. This is a track for a character actor capable of great transformation. Ideally with musical or dance ability as well. Woman #2: Spirit of Christmas Past, Present and Future Female, early 20s to late 40s. Must be able to capture Past's joyous and playful nature, Present's gravitas and maternal splendor, and the feat and terror of Future. Woman #3: Fan et al (Beggar Woman, Catherine Cratchit) Female, early 20s to early 30s. Fan is goodness personified, an angel on earth come to save Ebenezer. Catherine, however, requires sharpness and strong comedic timing. Woman #4: Belle et al (Mrs. Zakis, Rachel, Sister of Mercy) Female, early 20s to early 30s. Belle is the salt of the earth, a pragmatic and good woman who recognizes what Ebenezer is coming before he does. Woman #5: Caroline et al (Angelique, Sarah) Female, teenager. This track is for a young transformative actor. GIRL #1 (teen) Ariella, Oliver, Martha, ; GIRL #2 Ignorance, Gwen, Belinda ; GIRL #3 Jane, Want BOY #1 (teen) Christopher, Young Ebenezer, Peter, Child ; BOY #2 Davey, Will, Robin, Henry, Prejudice , BOY #3 Toby, Tiny Tim

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